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What does it mean to dream about buying fake cigarettes?

Dreaming about buying counterfeit cigarettes indicates that you are a smart person. You may have noble people to help you, get along well with others, have a prosperous career, and live a happy life. This is an auspicious sign. If you have this dream, if you have different opinions from others, you should adjust your mentality and deal with it, and don't be stubborn. Dreams in spring are auspicious, dreams in summer are unlucky.

Those who have discord in the family dream about it and seek wealth in the northwest. They will have a lot of wealth and are good at management.

A full-time housewife dreams of buying counterfeit cigarettes is a sign of unfavorable financial fortune. Those seeking wealth should not have conflicting ideas with others and should be tolerant in everything. If you have this dream, there will be entanglements with others in your career, signs that your financial fortune will be difficult to prosper, it will be difficult to get along with older people, and you will have worries about your career situation.

A greedy person dreams of it is a sign of good career and mostly means helping others.

A woman who has just fallen out of love dreams about buying fake cigarettes, which indicates that her emotions are gentle, and those who are upright will have good luck.

Those who are pregnant in Liujia dream of buying fake cigarettes, which indicates that people with a pleasant life and gentle personality tend to have sincere friendship with others and should treat each other with sincerity in everything.

A single woman dreams of buying counterfeit cigarettes It means that there are constant family disputes and disharmony in family relationships. Do not let your emotions out and restrain yourself. This is a sign that family relationships will improve.

Someone who had a dispute at home recently dreamed of buying fake cigarettes, which indicates that the health fortune is quite good recently, and the person is physically and mentally healthy without any disease.

Those who are engaged in film production, film and television and other related industries dream of buying fake cigarettes. It is auspicious to go north and unlucky to go south. Metal and wood are signs of wealth. Those seeking wealth must not be greedy. Such thoughts make life feel uneasy.