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What does it mean to dream of sitting on a coffin?

Dreaming about sitting in a coffin means that you often have quarrels with others in your career. If you don’t treat others with sincerity, it is a sign that your wealth will be difficult to improve. If you seek money, you will often be taken advantage of by others, and your life will be difficult. Things that go smoothly. If you have this dream, it is often a sign that you have fights with others over money matters, do not get along with each other, and your career is not going smoothly. You often have a sense of uneasiness in your heart, which is depressed in your heart and manifests itself in dreams. Summer dreams are auspicious, autumn dreams are unlucky.

Old people dream about it. It is unlucky to go north, and it means a lot of wealth. Those who seek wealth are thoughtful and have good luck.

A person who is seeking wealth outside dreams of sitting in a coffin. It means that a villain has a lot of luck and is often provoked by others. It means that it is difficult to improve the fortune. This is an unlucky sign. Have a good career, be good at negotiating with others, and improve each other's financial fortune.

A divorced man dreams of it. Although he will get help from others in his career, he must not make his own decisions.

A woman who has just lost love dreams of sitting in a coffin. Although she has good relations with others because of money, she should not argue about emotional matters. It is better to just accept the situation.

A remarried person dreams of sitting in a coffin. Having this dream means that you have been troubled by many things in the recent past, and are depressed in your heart. This comes from the dream, and you often feel uneasy in life.

A lovelorn man dreams of sitting in a coffin indicates good health, many virtuous children and grandchildren, and those who get along well with their families will have many good omens in life.

A middle-aged man dreams of sitting in a coffin It is a sign of poor health in the near future, mainly lung disease and large intestine disease, which means he is in poor health and has many troubles.

Those who are engaged in painting, garden design and other related industries dream of sitting on a coffin. They will go to the southeast to seek wealth and gain a lot. If others help them, they will have the opportunity to make money. This is a good sign.