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What does it mean to dream about your ex proposing?

I dreamed of my ex proposing. If I get this dream, my life will be uneasy. If there are many villains around me, it is a sign that it will be difficult for me to seek money smoothly. Do not let your emotions out. People in the workplace will be under pressure in their career development. They should converged. If you dream like this, although you will be helped by noble people, you should live in harmony with others. If you have a complicated relationship with the opposite sex, your career will be disadvantageous and your marriage will be in poor condition. Autumn dreams are auspicious, winter dreams are unlucky.

A person seeking love dreams of it. It is auspicious to go south and unlucky to go north. There will be a lot of wealth. The person seeking wealth will treat others sincerely and his career will be good.

A man who is lovelorn dreams of his ex proposing, which means that he will have a lot of wealth, a smooth career, and good fortune, and he will be able to get along with others. This is a good sign. There are signs of troubles in career, and people with a decisive personality are clever but are misled by their cleverness. If you have this dream, you should be able to distinguish right from wrong, and those who know current affairs will be heroes.

Those who are pregnant with Liujia dream of it. Although you may have good luck in your career, you should treat others sincerely so that each other can have smooth things.

A newly married man dreams of his ex proposing marriage indicates a lot of luck. Recently, there have been many entanglements with the opposite sex, which is a sign that the relationship is not going smoothly, and there is a desire to escape.

A divorced woman dreams of her ex proposing, which means that there are many things going wrong in her life, complicated heterosexual relationships, or her reputation is in danger, and she often stirs up trouble for others.

Old people dream of their ex’s proposal They often have trouble getting along with their children and are troubled. Those who quarrel with younger members of the family over trivial matters will have a bad life if they have this dream.

A greedy person dreams about his ex's proposal, which means he is worried. With the company of his children and grandchildren, he will become increasingly cheerful and in good health.

Those who are involved in dealing with worldly affairs dream of their ex proposing. It is auspicious to go north and unlucky to go south. This is a sign of a lot of wealth. If you cooperate with others, your financial fortune will be improved. The meaning of improvement.

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