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What do you say when you dream about your father scolding you?

I dreamed that my father was scolding me, and I had this dream. I had a lot of troubles in this dream, and I was often used by others when I was seeking money. There are signs of unfavorability in my life. If I don’t get along with others sincerely, my career will not be successful. If you dream like this, it means that a small person will have a lot of luck. Those who seek wealth should not have disputes with others, otherwise it will be difficult for them to prosper. Summer dreams are auspicious, autumn dreams are unlucky.

A woman who has just lost love dreams of it. It is unlucky to go north. If you are sophisticated in human nature, your wealth will show signs of improvement. People who seek wealth should not get into trouble with others over trivial matters or be careless about trivial matters. , since the day when you become successful and famous.

A lovelorn person dreams of his father scolding, which is a sign of good fortune. If you seek wealth, you will listen to the advice of others, and your life will be improved. Having this dream means that you are depressed in your career, and people with a withdrawn personality will have a bad life.

Middle-aged men dream about it, and there are many opportunities for good luck in their careers. Those who are serious and meticulous in their work will have a prosperous career even if there are younger generations who interfere with it.

A middle-aged woman dreams of being scolded by her father indicates that she will have good luck in love affairs and complicated relationships with the opposite sex. She should not be too close to others in emotional matters, as this means that the relationship will be unfavorable.

A woman in an unmarried relationship dreams of being scolded by her father, which shows signs of a bad mentality. Those who quarrel with family members over trivial matters should improve their lives. Do not get into too many entanglements with others, which may lead to disaster. unfavorable.

If a married person dreams of his father scolding, he will live in harmony with his family and will have good luck in life. He should not fight with his family in everything, but should listen to the advice of his elders.

A married woman dreams of her father scolding People with gastrointestinal diseases and heart diseases are often in poor physical condition. Do not get too entangled with your family, which will affect your life.

Those who are engaged in manicure, plastic surgery and other related industries dream of being scolded by their father. If they go to the southwest to seek wealth, their fortune will be prosperous. They are noble people with good luck, and their careers will be helped by others.

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