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What does it mean if you dream about others eating persimmons?

Dreaming about others eating persimmons indicates that you will live in harmony with others, and you will all have good luck. If you are supported by noble people in your career, your wealth will be improved, which is an auspicious sign. If you have this dream, although there are noble people to help you, you are a self-centered person. You will get entangled with others over trivial matters, and this is a sign of a lot of trouble for each other. You should adjust your mentality. Dreams in winter are auspicious, dreams in summer are unlucky.

A suitor dreams of it. It is auspicious to go west and unlucky to go east. This dream is a sign that fire overcomes metal and is a sign of wealth and a good career. This is a good sign.

If a person with a gentle personality dreams of others eating persimmons, it means that he will have great wealth, win the trust of others, and have good luck with each other. You can get help from others in your career, and only those who are meticulous will get good luck.

Old people dream of, the road ahead is difficult, but it means that there is a bright future in the career, and those who stick to their heart will eventually achieve something.

A woman in an unmarried relationship dreams about others eating persimmons. Do not have direct entanglements with others in emotional matters. If you are not getting along with each other, your life will be more uneasy. If you don’t really like her, When it is broken, it will be broken, and it will continue to be disturbed.

Those who often have nightmares recently dream about others eating persimmons If they have a lot of troubles, then this dream may give them an opportunity to improve, be honest with others, and lead a smooth life.

A lovelorn person dreams of others eating persimmons If you have this dream, you will be in good health, and most of your descendants will be virtuous people, and your life will be good. If you get this dream, you must not have the idea of ​​relying on your old age.

If a person with head disease dreams of others eating persimmons, he may be afraid of signs of hidden illness in the near future, so it is best to be open-minded in everything.

Those who are engaged in jewelry, diamond manufacturing and other related industries dream of others eating persimmons If you are seeking wealth in the south, you will have a lot of wealth and smooth career. Those who seek wealth should not be greedy.