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What happened when I dreamed about my ex-husband’s wife?

Dreaming about your ex-husband’s wife indicates that this dream represents Gengjin. Those seeking wealth should be cautious in everything they do. If you are in tit-for-tat with others, you will have many disadvantages in your career. If you have this dream, you will be a person with a sharp personality. Often get involved too much with others, the gain outweighs the loss. If you have this dream, your pursuit of wealth will be influenced by others. There are many signs of villains around you, such as fighting with others because of financial support, or signs of intrigue, and your wealth will be difficult to achieve smoothly. Summer dreams are auspicious, spring dreams are unlucky.

Those who seek official positions dream about it. Go to the southeast to seek wealth. If you seek more wealth, you will get help from others. You should be sincere in everything and don't get too entangled with others.

A lovelorn person dreams of his ex-husband’s wife, which is a sign of good fortune. If you are good at business, you will have good luck in your career. The main business can be helped by others, and those who seek wealth can have good luck in their career.

People with stubborn personalities dream about it, while people with feminine temperaments may have good luck in their careers and cannot make their own decisions.

If a man in love dreams of his ex-husband’s wife, it means that the opposite sex around him has a good relationship, and others will treat each other sincerely, and get along harmoniously with each other. If he has many emotions, he will have good luck.

A married woman dreams about her ex-husband’s wife, which means that her life is often affected by others, and there are signs of uneasiness in her heart.

A family trader dreams about his ex-husband’s wife If you have different opinions with your family, it is a manifestation of your recent troubles. You should understand what your family thinks clearly and do not insist on going your own way, which will lead to continuous disasters.

A middle-aged man dreams about his ex-husband’s wife indicates good health and many virtuous descendants. There may be signs of improvement for those with urinary system diseases, which is mostly a good sign.

Those who are engaged in travel, tour guides and other related industries dream of their ex-husband’s wife, and they will go to the northwest to seek wealth and gain a lot of profits. They are people who are observant and good at business.