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I dreamed that I was bald in the middle of my hair

I dreamed that I was bald in the middle of my hair. This dream means that the five elements of wood are too strong. People who are emotional will have more unfavorable things in their lives. They will be troubled in their hearts and lead to constant disasters. Only those who have this dream can have metal and wood. The best policy is that dreams in autumn are auspicious and dreams in spring are unlucky.

Those who are engaged in education, medical equipment and other related industries will have a good career if they have this dream. This is a sign of a person with a delicate personality who is good at observing words and colors, knows the voices of others, and follows good deeds, which is a sign of a good career.

Those who are engaged in construction, civil engineering and other related industries, and those who have this dream of having a prosperous dream tree, will have financial luck, and those who are in business will be even better. It is good luck to gather the strength of others into a personal atmosphere.

If you have this dream, don’t have unrealistic ideas about your career. This is a single woman who will have many disadvantages in relationships. Those who have excessive demands on the opposite sex will have emotional troubles and depression.

Those who are pregnant with Liujia have this dream, and there are many signs of giving birth to a daughter, and spring dreams are even more fulfilled.

If the elderly have this dream, those with sore limbs may be relieved. They should exercise frequently and have the habit of walking.

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