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Dreaming about a cracked face but no blood

Dreaming about a cracked face without blood indicates that the five elements belong to water, and it is a sign that bad luck will turn into good luck, and it is a sign that the weather will bring blessings. The weather is in harmony, fire and water are in harmony, this is a good omen dreamed about in the cold winter. Midsummer dreams are a bad omen.

To dream of a cracked face with no blood indicates that water and fire follow each other, and the day is full of business. Riding the wind and waves, forging ahead in career, you can get help from noble people, your career will be happy, there will be blessings from heaven and people, and everything will be suitable.

To dream of a cracked face but no blood indicates that misfortune will bring good fortune, good fortune and misfortune depend on each other, good causes and good results, don’t be indolent and unfavorable. There is blessing in being humble towards others.

I dreamed that there was no blood on the face when there was a crack, and water and fire followed each other, and I was proud of my work, full of money and silk, and a good life.

If you dreamed that your face was cracked and there was no blood, and you went out to talk about things, if you go north, your auspicious star will be shining brightly. If you go south, your wishes will come true, but if things don't go well, you may be afraid that everything will be difficult to achieve.

To dream of a split face with no blood indicates a happy love and the company of your beloved, which means escape from suffering. Scholars may get this dream, which means that everything goes well, things are done well, and everything is possible.

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