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I dreamed that I was pregnant and my belly was very big.

I dreamed that I was pregnant and had a big belly. If the five-element tree is the main tree in this dream, it is a sign of new life. It means that the recent career development will be assisted by others, the nobles will have more luck, the willows and flowers will bloom in another village, and the spring dream will be auspicious. Autumn dreams are unlucky.

Having this dream of changing jobs is a sign of a good career. Most of them are assisted by noble people, and they are sincere to each other. There may be signs of good luck in the career. People who change jobs will be difficult to obtain if they push their career development too hard. It is also a position with good fortune.

Businessmen who get this dream usually have good luck. People with smart personalities are good at observing people's words and have good relationships with the opposite sex. Those who seek wealth will have good things. Those who engage in plastic surgery, haircuts and other related industries will have better career development. It is easier to seek wealth if the noble people around you are lucky.

Having this dream and people who were born in the year of Sheep and Ox are seeking money together. If they have quarrels with each other, it is often a sign that their career is not going well. Having this dream of wood overcoming earth is a sign of wealth, but because of money, If you fight with others, the career of a greedy person will be unfavorable.

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