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I dreamed that there was a lot of blood during my period.

I dreamed that there was a lot of blood during menstruation. The five elements govern water, and the development of the career is mostly affected by others. The villains around you have a lot of luck. Talking and talking can lead to disasters. Dreams in winter are auspicious, but dreams in autumn are unlucky.

Dreaming about a lot of blood during menstruation, if the dreamer is in the light and the villain is in the dark, it is a sign of a lot of troubles. If your career development is not going as you like, do not act rashly, and you should clearly understand the intentions of others.

A single woman dreams of having a lot of blood during her period, which is a sign of unsatisfactory career development and complicated heterosexual relationships. She is often entangled with others, and she has uneasiness in her heart and the idea of ​​​​escape.

A married woman dreams that if the person seeking money is good at negotiating with others, then the person seeking money will receive wealth from all directions. People who get along well with others will have better careers.

If a newly pregnant woman has this dream, it is a sign of poor fetal development, which is a bad omen.

Those who are engaged in overseas trade, fishery and other related industries are those who have good financial luck. Although they have liquid wealth, it is not meant for the long term, so they should consider the long term when doing things.