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A woman dreamed that her finger was broken

A woman dreams that her finger is broken, and the five elements are wood. This dream means that there are many good things in the relationship. Those who are happy with the one they love and treat each other emotionally will have better luck in life. Spring Dreams Auspicious, autumn dream is unlucky.

For those seeking wealth outside, it is auspicious to go east and unlucky to go west. For those engaged in film, television, performance and other related industries, this dream is a sign of bright wood and fire, a sign of good career, and entanglements with others due to trivial matters. , you should tolerate the faults of others.

A single woman dreams that her finger is broken, and there are many problems in the relationship. It means that the relationship is too entangled, and life will be disadvantageous. She should adjust her mentality and avoid quarreling too much with others.

A married woman dreams that her finger is broken, which is a sign that her career is not going well. It means that if there are many villains around her, it will be difficult to get along with her when seeking money, and she will have many troubles in life. She should adjust her personal mentality.

Those who are engaged in education, medical and other related industries will have a good career if they have this dream. If they seek wealth together with people who are born in the year of Pig or Tiger, their financial luck will be even better.