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I dreamed that I lost an upper front tooth

I dreamed that I lost one of my upper front teeth, and the five elements are water, which means that I have been suspicious of others recently, and there are many signs of uneasiness in my heart. Dreams in winter are auspicious, and dreams in autumn are unlucky.

For those seeking wealth abroad, it is auspicious to go north and unlucky to go south. Those who are engaged in swimming, sailing and other related industries will often have noble people to help them develop their careers. If you have this dream and people who belong to the Horse or Monkey seek wealth together, your career may show signs of improvement.

If a single man dreams, his fortune will not go well. Recently, he has been involved with others due to money disputes, and his career development will be difficult for noble people to help him. This is a sign of troubles.

If a married man dreams, his fortune will not go well, and if he has quarrels with others when seeking money, his life will be even more uneasy. Do not go your own way if you have this dream.

For those engaged in medical treatment, health care and other related industries, water and wood are in harmony, which is a sign of food-related injuries and wealth. This is a good sign, and those who are gentle and gentle will have better careers.

Those who are engaged in accounting, accounting and other related industries will have this dream to have financial luck and noble people to help them, and older people are mostly noble people.

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