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Dreamed that one of the lower front teeth fell out

I dreamed that one of my lower front teeth fell out, and the five elements govern water. This dream means that you have entanglements with your elders, and there are signs of uneasiness in your life. Dreams in winter are auspicious, and dreams in autumn are unlucky.

For those seeking wealth outside, it is auspicious to go north and unlucky to go south. Do not quarrel with others over trivial matters. Those who are engaged in hotel management, beverage service and other related industries will often have troubles in their careers. If you have this dream, you can seek wealth with people born in the year of Snake or Ox, and your career will be good.

If a single woman dreams, it is a sign that her fortune is not going well. If she gets this dream, she will have a lot of entanglements with others, and her life will be difficult. Do not quarrel with others over trivial matters.

If a married woman dreams, her fortune will be unfavorable. If a person with a strong personality has a quarrel with the elders in the family, her life will be even more uneasy.

Those who have this dream and are engaged in technology, biotechnology and other related industries are in harmony with water and wood. Careful people can achieve great results in their careers. This is a good sign.

Those who fight with their family members over trivial matters may suffer from physical discomfort or troubles with their family members.

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