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Dream about spitting out broken teeth into your hands

To dream of spitting out broken teeth into your hands indicates that water dominates the five elements. It means that you have been suspicious of others recently due to trivial matters, and your career development has been difficult to achieve. This is a sign of troubles. Dreams in winter are auspicious, dreams in autumn are unlucky.

Those who seek wealth abroad will have good luck if they go north and unlucky if they go south. If you get this dream and seek wealth with people who belong to the rat or dragon, it is a sign that water has entered the reservoir and your career will be good. If you get this dream, Only by treating others sincerely can you advance in your career.

If a married man has this dream and his life situation is not going well, he should improve his personal character and never fight with others over trivial matters. Otherwise, there will be dissatisfaction between each other and it will be difficult to live in harmony.

Old people dream about broken teeth, which means that their children and grandchildren’s career development will be unfavorable in the near future, and there are signs of worry. For those with limb diseases, there are signs of worsening of the condition.

Those who are engaged in planning, planning and other related industries will mostly assist others in their careers. Those around you who have noble people and good luck will do good things if you seek wealth. Do not keep arguing with others over trivial matters.