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I dreamed that I was vomiting blood bit by bit.

To dream that you are vomiting blood one by one, the five elements are dominated by water, is a sign that your recent career development will not be smooth, and it is mostly a sign of the influence of others. Dreams in winter are auspicious, and dreams in spring are unlucky.

Those who seek wealth abroad will be lucky if they go north, but unlucky if they go south. If you get this dream and seek wealth with people born in the Year of the Rat or Dragon, it is a sign that water will enter the reservoir and your business will be good.

If you have this dream, don't fight with others over trivial matters. This is a person with an egoistic personality, and life will not go smoothly.

Single women dream about having lots of wealth and good things. Those who are lucky to be around noble people can only last a long time. People with harmonious personalities will have good things to do in business.

A married woman’s dream is not good for her relationship. She has a lot of quarrels with her lover in the relationship, and the two of them often have entanglements. If you are a full-time wife, if you have this dream and you are too dependent on your lover, then you and your two people will have uneasiness in their lives. Don’t listen to your lover in a dream.

If you have this dream and engage in hotel management, those in the service industry will have a better career. You will receive wealth from all directions and your career will flourish.

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