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I dreamed that I had a big belly and was about to give birth.

I dreamed that I had a big belly and was about to give birth. The wood in the five elements indicates that there will be many signs of wealth in the near future. Those who seek wealth will work carefully and their careers will be successful. Dreams in spring are auspicious and dreams in autumn are unlucky.

Those who seek wealth abroad will be auspicious if they go east, and unlucky if they go west. If you have this dream, you will seek wealth with people who belong to the pig or sheep. Most of your career will be assisted by others, and there may be signs of help from noble people.

A single woman dreams of being entangled in her career development by others. Although there are noble people to help her, she can improve in life only by seeing other people's goals clearly.

When a married woman dreams, it is a sign that her mentality is affected. It means that there are many villains around her, and her life is mostly affected by others. If she has this dream, she will vent her personal emotions to others, which will be more detrimental to each other's lives.

Those who are engaged in gift manufacturing, software processing and other related industries tend to have the ability to innovate in their careers, and they will seek financial success. People with strong personalities can lead everyone to gain.

Entrepreneurs who have this dream have great career pressure, but they are strong-willed and have good luck in life.

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