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Dreamed about vomiting out a lot of broken teeth

I dreamed of spitting out a lot of broken teeth, and water dominates the five elements. This means that you have this dream, and you have uneasiness with your family or elders, troubles in your heart, depression in your heart, and it comes from dreams. Dreams in winter are auspicious, and dreams in autumn It's unlucky.

Those who are seeking wealth outside will get this dream. Going north is auspicious, while going south is unlucky. Those engaged in related industries such as wine, hotel management, etc., their career development will be assisted by others, and there may be signs of good luck when seeking wealth.

Those who are engaged in art, design and other related industries will have intangible wealth if they get this dream. Those who work steadily will have better career development. Those who are down-to-earth will have better luck in career development.

Students who dream of this dream are not in good luck in their studies, which means they are under great academic pressure and have a lot of uneasiness in their hearts. If they have this dream, those who work modestly will have better luck in life, and they must not get into trouble with others.

If a newly married person has this dream, it means that they are often involved in other people's career and their living situation is uneasy. If they have this dream, they should make a decision after discussing it with others and not go their own way.

Old people who have this dream are in good health and often have the meaning of longevity.

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