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A woman dreams of maggots in her hair

A woman dreams of maggots in her hair, and gold is the main element in the five elements, which is a sign that her wealth will be affected. Although those with many villains around them are powerful people, it is difficult for others to trust them, which will be detrimental to career development. Summer dreams are auspicious, and autumn The dream is unlucky.

Those who are engaged in actors, performances and other related industries, Fire overcomes Metal. Most of their recent career pressure has been affected by others, and those who argue about right and wrong will be even more unfavorable in terms of wealth.

If a newly married woman has this dream, her life will not go well. Do not let your emotions out. If you have this dream, you should adjust your mentality and do things. If you can listen to other people's suggestions, your career will improve. You will mostly worry about money matters. .

Those who are engaged in sales, performance and other related industries will have unfavorable financial fortunes. This is because people with strong personalities find it difficult to advance and retreat with others, and there will be signs of unfavorable financial fortunes for each other.

If you have this dream and seek wealth with people who belong to the zodiac chicken and snake, your career may be improved. This is the combination of Si, You and Chou. Those with a long-term vision may have good luck in their careers.

A middle-aged woman gets this dream and fights with her family. This is because she has many troubles at home and is depressed in her heart, which arises from her dream.

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