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I dreamed that there was blood in the phlegm I coughed

I dreamed that there was blood in the phlegm I coughed up. The five elements govern water. If you have this dream, which is the combination of metal and water, it means that your fortune will be unfavorable in the near future. There will be a lot of suspicion between the host and others, and it will be difficult to develop your career. Autumn dream Auspicious, spring dreams are unlucky.

A single man dreams that there is blood in the phlegm he coughs up indicates that there will be troubles in his career in the near future. Those who are constantly entangled with others over trivial matters will be suspicious of each other, and it will be difficult to achieve success in life.

If a married man dreams, there will be signs of losing money in the near future. It means that there are many entanglements with others, life will be difficult to achieve, career development will be unfavorable, and mentality will be affected. Those who seek wealth should not rush for the moment and take a long-term view. Fish is the only way to gain something.

A single woman dreamed that there was blood in the phlegm she coughed. Although it means that metal and water are in harmony, she is too self-centered and finds it difficult to follow the advice of others.

Those who have this dream and are engaged in manufacturing, handicraft processing and other related industries have a tendency to have financial luck. Those who work carefully will achieve success in their career development and should not be eager for success.

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