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Dreamed that one of my teeth fell out

I dreamed that one of my teeth fell out and one of the Five Elements is dominated by water. If I often have quarrels with older people, my family will be more uneasy, or there will be signs of trouble getting along with my boss. This winter dream is auspicious. , Autumn dreams are unlucky.

If a single woman dreams, she will be influenced by others in her recent career, and if her relationships are not handled properly, then those around her who are lucky will have head-on conflicts with others, causing disaster. If you have this dream, you must not get entangled with others.

Although a single man dreams of gaining wealth, he makes a decision after discussing with others or has partial wealth. It is not personal wealth, but the wealth of everyone.

If a married man dreams, his wealth will not go well, he will have many worries, and his wealth will be unfavorable.

If you have this dream and are engaged in pearls, jewelry and other related industries, if metal and water are in harmony, then many older people will trust you. If you dream of teeth, it means water dominates the five elements. Being good at negotiating with others will bring you better financial luck.

For those who are engaged in accounting, accounting and other related industries, if this dream means that they are impulsive in doing things, their wealth will be ruined and their life will be unfavorable.

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