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Dreamed that my teeth fell out

I dreamed that my teeth fell out, and water dominates the five elements, which means that I have been having bad fortune recently. This dream means that my career development has been unfavorable in the near future, and there are many villains. Dreams in winter are auspicious, and dreams in autumn are unlucky. .

Those who are engaged in market planning, operations and other related industries are signs that their recent careers have been influenced by others. Those who think too much will not be able to develop their careers, and those who are serious-minded will have even worse financial luck.

A single woman dreams of having many romances around her, but she does not really mean to treat each other. If the two of them are not able to live together for a long time, it is time to break up. Do not have unrealistic ideas.

If a married woman dreams, her career development will often be unsatisfactory. If you have a strong personality, your fortune will be unfavorable, and your career development will be affected by others.

Those who are engaged in health, medical and other related industries have water and wood, and they are assisted by their elders in doing things delicately. This is a good sign. If you have this dream, you should cherish the opportunity to do something in order to make a difference in your career.

Those who are engaged in knitting and textile products in this dream will have strong financial luck, a gentle and virtuous personality, and good career development.

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