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A woman dreams that her face becomes ugly

A woman dreams that her face becomes ugly, and the main fire is the symbol of Ding fire. If she has been taken advantage of by others in her career recently, her life will not go smoothly. She will be influenced by others when seeking money. Summer dreams will be auspicious, and autumn dreams will be auspicious. Ominous.

If a newly married woman has this dream, her life will be unfavorable. If she fights with others over trivial matters, her life will be even more uneasy. Those who seek wealth should restrain their personal temper before they can do anything in their career. If you have this dream, you can seek wealth with people who belong to the ox and the horse, and your career will be good.

A middle-aged woman will have a lot of quarrels with her lover when she dreams of this. Dreaming about her face indicates that her recent career decisions are contrary to her lover's, and it will be difficult for you and her to have good luck in life.

If a married man dreams, it is a sign that his wealth is being taken advantage of by others. Although he has help from noble people, he should listen to other people's suggestions in order to make improvements in his life.

Engaged in education, medical and other related industries, the five elements belong to wood, and there will be good luck in career development. Those who seek wealth must not let their emotions out, and should have long-term planning. Those who start a business will have a smoother career.