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Dreamed that the front tooth was half broken

Dreaming about half of the front teeth being broken, the five elements are dominated by water. This dream means good fortune. Although there are villains causing trouble, but you are very capable, your career will be improved. Most of them are good omens. Winter dreams are auspicious. , Autumn dreams are unlucky.

If a single woman dreams about it, she will be uneasy if she has been unhappy in her relationship recently and often has entanglements with others. Although she may be helped by noble people in this dream, she should listen to other people's suggestions in order to improve her career. .

A married woman dreams that although her fortune will improve, dreaming of losing her teeth indicates that she will have troubles with her elders recently and her life will be uneasy.

Those who are engaged in medical, health and other related industries will have a lot of career pressure if they have this dream. People with egoistic personalities will find it difficult to get along well with others. There are many disadvantages in life. Those who have this dream will be noble and lucky. Only by cherishing opportunities can they gain something.

It is difficult to recover important items if they are lost, and things related to the person who loses mobile items are even more unfavorable.

Those who seek wealth abroad will have this dream. It is auspicious to go north and unlucky to go south. Those engaged in transportation, logistics and other related industries may have improved careers.

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