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Dream about hair falling out

I dreamed that my hair fell out. This dream represents the five elements. It means treating others sincerely so that you can improve your life. Those who seek wealth must not let their emotions go out. Spring dreams are auspicious, and autumn dreams are auspicious. The dream is unlucky.

For those seeking wealth outside, it will be auspicious to go east, but unlucky to go west. Those engaged in processing, manufacturing, handicrafts and other related industries will have a good career. This is a sign that career development is often affected by others.

Only those who seek money can improve their lives by getting along with each other sincerely. Do not fight with others. If you dream of losing your hair, it means that you have been overly concerned with your emotions recently. Although there are small worries and trivial matters, you may be depressed. But don’t force it.

A single woman dreams of losing her hair indicates that her recent career development will be unfavorable. She may be influenced by others when seeking money. She may get entangled with others over trivial matters, making her life more uneasy.

If a married woman dreams that her hair is falling out, she will have bad luck in wealth. She is a person with a strong personality and will have entanglements with others in her career development. If her relationship with the opposite sex is complicated, the affair will be revealed and her relationship will not be preserved.