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I dreamed that my finger was broken but it didn’t hurt.

Dreaming about a broken finger that doesn’t hurt. The five elements govern wood. This dream is a sign of good luck in relationships, getting along well with others, and things going smoothly in life. Dreams in spring are auspicious, and dreams in autumn are unlucky. auspicious.

Those who seek wealth abroad will get this dream, and it is auspicious to go east, and unlucky to go west. If you get this dream, you can seek wealth with people who belong to the tiger or pig, and you can get help from others in your career, which is a good sign.

Those who are engaged in manufacturing, processing and other related industries will have poor financial luck. People with strong personalities often have signs of quarrels with others, so it will be difficult to gain recognition from others when seeking money, and their lives will be uneasy.

Single women often have emotional entanglements in their dreams. If you have this dream, you should not have unrealistic ideas about your relationship.

Single men dream of unfavorable financial fortune. Those who seek wealth will be troubled, their careers will not go well, their mentality will be affected, and they will be depressed.

Those who are engaged in knitted textile products and art processing will have a good career. This is a sign of getting along with others sincerely and treating each other calmly, which is also a sign of good career.

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