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Dreaming about having an injection in my hand

I dreamed of having a needle in my hand for an infusion, and the five elements in this dream were water. This is a sign that there have been many obstacles from others in my recent career, and it is difficult to seek money for a long time. It is difficult to advance or retreat with others in one's career. Dreams in winter are auspicious, while dreams in autumn are unlucky.

If a newly married man has this dream, his life situation is not going well. He has had a lot of quarrels with his family recently, and the house is full of troubles.

If a single woman dreams, there will be many unfavorable things in her relationship. If she fights with others due to emotional entanglements, both of them will be disadvantaged in life. If she has this dream, she will seek wealth together with people who belong to Sheep and Tiger, and her life will be uneasy. .

Those who are engaged in auditing, accounting and other related industries are under a lot of pressure. Only those who are self-assertive, self-willed and have a long-term vision can make a difference in their careers.

Those who seek wealth will have trouble with their careers, and those who have many villains around them will have trouble living a smooth life.

Old people who have this dream will be in good health, and many limb diseases will improve in the near future, which is a good sign.