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A woman dreams about losing her teeth and having them filled.

A woman dreams of losing her teeth and having them filled. The five elements govern water. If she gets this dream, she will get along with others sincerely in her career. If she wants money, she will have noble people to help her. Dreams in winter are auspicious, but dreams in autumn are unlucky.

Newly married women may have this dream. Dreaming about teeth falling out is a sign of recent disputes with the husband's family, troubles at home, and uneasiness in life. Having this dream will make it easier to get along with people who were born in the Year of the Horse or Tiger. There are signs of quarrel.

A middle-aged woman who dreams of losing her teeth indicates that her fortune has been ruined in her recent career, her relationship with her boss is not good, and her career development is unfavorable. In the near future, her children will have important exams, and it will be difficult to improve their grades.

Old people who have this dream are in poor health and should move less to be cured. People with mood swings or those who are busy with children and grandchildren may have troubles in their lives.

For those engaged in film and television media, lighting and lighting and other related industries, water overcomes fire and represents wealth, and wealth is intangible. If you get help from others, it may mean you will gain both fame and fortune, which is mostly a good omen.

Those who are engaged in processing, manufacturing, light radiation and other related industries will experience great pressure and uneasy life.

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