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I dreamed that I was bleeding a lot during my period.

I dreamed of bleeding a lot during my period. The five elements dominate Gui water, which indicates the flow of wealth and career development. There are many good omens. Those who get along well with others can improve their wealth. Dreams in winter are auspicious, and dreams in spring are unlucky. .

A single woman dreams about having a lot of support from her elders in her career, which is a sign that the career of those who seek wealth together can be improved. If she has a quarrel with her family, she will have poor financial luck.

If a married woman dreams of Guishui, she is seeking wealth, which is quite variable. Only those who are gentle can gain something in their career, while those with strong personalities are often taken advantage of by others.

If a student gets this dream, the five elements are dominated by water, which means that academic performance can be improved, and sincere treatment of others can lead to long-term career development. If you fight with others over trivial matters, both parties' careers will be detrimental.

If you have this dream and people who belong to the zodiac of Sheep and Tiger seek wealth together, your career development may be improved. If you have disputes with others over trivial matters, you should tolerate other people's faults so that you can make improvements in your life. They are egotistical and find it difficult to get along with each other.

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