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Dream about vaginal discharge

Dreaming about vaginal discharge, the five elements govern water, which is often affected in relationships, Gui water. Dreaming about reproductive organs means that there have been many changes in relationships recently. Dreams in winter are auspicious, and dreams in autumn are auspicious. Ominous.

Dreaming about vaginal discharge is a sign of bad fortune for men. Men use their wives as wealth. There are often villains who will interfere with this dream. Women dream about unexpected wealth, which is related to feelings, but not In the long term, there are gains and losses.

Those who seek wealth outside will get this dream. Going north is auspicious, while going south is unlucky. If you seek wealth together with people who belong to the dragon or ox, those who understand each other will have more prosperous wealth.

Having this dream is like leaving home to start a business on your own. If you start a business with your family, you will often be involved by others. Those who are engaged in logistics, transportation and other related industries will have better career development and get along well with others. , mostly a good omen.

If a married woman dreams, her career will not go well, and if she has many villains and is dealing with others, it is a sign of losing money.

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