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Dreamed that my leg was broken

I dreamed that my leg was broken, and the five elements in this dream are wood, which means there are many troubles in relationships. The limbs and five elements represent wood, and the emotional needs are often suppressed. Spring dreams are auspicious, and autumn dreams are unlucky. .

Those who seek wealth abroad will have this dream. Going east is auspicious, while going west is unlucky. Those who are engaged in clothing, design and other related industries, if the five elements are dominated by wood, they will have good luck in their careers, and they will be sincerely accompanied by others, and their careers will be good. signs.

A single man dreams that he has a broken leg, which means he will have a lot of wealth. Those who seek wealth together with others will have good luck in life. If you have this dream and the noble people around you have more luck, your wealth will be improved.

A single woman dreams that her leg is broken and her life is unsatisfactory. She has this dream because she is obsessed with emotional matters. Although there is a turnaround in her career, she should be prepared.

Those who have this dream are engaged in civil engineering, real estate and other related industries. Wood overcomes earth for wealth, which means that they have partial wealth luck. Those who get windfalls will have to work steadily to gain long-term gains.

It is unfavorable for scholars to have this dream, as their academic performance will be affected, and they will feel uneasy and depressed, which is caused by the dream.

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