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Dreaming about taking out a big foreign object in the ear

Dreaming about taking out a large foreign object from the ear indicates that the five elements in the dream are water, and the ears represent kidney water. This dream is a sign of good fortune in the near future. There are many signs of career development that are trusted by others and can be promoted. Dreams in winter are auspicious, but dreams in autumn are unlucky.

Those who seek wealth abroad will get this dream. Going north is auspicious, and going south is unlucky. If you get this dream, you can seek wealth with people who belong to the dragon and rat. Your career will develop well, and you can get promotion with the help of others. .

A married man dreams about taking out a big foreign object in his ear, which means that life is not going well. It means that he and his lover have a lot of quarrels, and there are many discords in the family. Men use their wives as money, and those with good financial luck will be around them. You will have more luck with love affairs, complicated relationships with the opposite sex, and poor family luck.

If a married woman dreams, her life will not go well, and it is a sign that there are many villains. People who are greedy for money will be disadvantaged in their career development. If you have this dream, you must not fight with others, and you will be uneasy with each other.

Those who have this dream and do business in partnership with others will have a unique vision in doing things before they can make a difference in their career, and they should not follow what others say.

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