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Dream about rubbing a lot of mud on your body

I dreamed about rubbing a lot of mud strips on my body, which indicates that the five elements govern earth. I have this dream because there are many noble people around me recently. I dreamed about mud strips and ash on my body, which means that I will have a lot of wealth in the near future. Summer dreams are auspicious, but spring dreams are unlucky. auspicious.

Those who are seeking wealth abroad will have this dream. Going south is auspicious, while going north is unlucky. If you are engaged in catering, barbecue and other related industries, you can have long-term career development. Do not have any thoughts of fighting with others.

A single man dreams of rubbing a lot of mud on his body is a sign that his fortune is ruined. People with an egoistic personality find it difficult to listen to other people's suggestions. Those who are self-willed and impulsive will have poor fortune.

Single women dream about good fortune, and it means gaining both fame and fortune. Their career development can be improved, and those who are engaged in research, scientific research and other related industries will have better careers.

A middle-aged woman’s life is not going well when she has this dream. Although she has good fortune, the relationship with the opposite sex around her is complicated. She may lose money because of the opposite sex, or she may have fights with her family members, making it difficult to get along with each other.

Those who seek success will not be able to achieve good results if they have this dream.

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