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What does it mean to dream about losing a tooth?

What does it mean to dream about losing a tooth? Water dominates the five elements, so having this dream is a sign of strong financial luck, good career development and the trust of others. Dreams in winter are auspicious, and dreams in spring are unlucky.

If a person who is seeking wealth outside dreams of losing a tooth, and the five elements are dominated by water, it means that he has received a lot of help from noble people in his recent career. Going north to seek wealth is auspicious, and going south is unlucky.

A single woman dreams of losing a tooth, which means that her career development is often affected by others. People with an egoistic personality find it difficult to get along well with others.

If a married man dreams, his career will not go well and he will be taken advantage of by others. If you get this dream, you should know how to deal with things tactfully. If you have a headstrong personality, your fortune will be quite unfavorable.

Old people who experience this dream are in poor health, and those with limb diseases often have troubles, uneasiness in their lives, and signs of depression in their hearts.

Those who are engaged in equipment research and development, scientific research and technology and other related industries, with the water of the five elements, will get this dream, which is a sign of good fortune and smooth life. If you seek wealth with people who belong to the year of Pig and Rat, your career will be improved.