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Dreaming that I am seriously ill and about to die

I dreamed that I was seriously ill and was about to die. Water dominates the five elements, which is a sign of unfavorable career development. It is difficult for people with egoistic personalities to get along happily with others, and things are not going well in each other's careers. It is depressed in the heart, and it comes from dreams. Winter The dream is auspicious, but the dream in autumn is unlucky.

Those who are seeking wealth abroad will get this dream. Going north is auspicious and going south is unlucky. If you get this dream and people who are born in the Year of the Rat or Dragon are seeking wealth and career together, you can get the meaning of promotion and a harmonious personality. People, life is mostly auspicious.

A single woman dreams that she is seriously ill and about to die, which is a sign of troubles in her life. She is fighting with others and has troubles with each other.

If a married woman has this dream, she will often be deceived by others in her life. She has a strong personal consciousness and an upright personality, and will be taken advantage of by others.

This dream is unfavorable for those who are studying. To dream of being seriously ill means that you will have a fight with your elders in the near future. It will be difficult to improve your academic performance and you will feel uneasy in your heart.

Those who are engaged in medical and health-related industries will have quite a lot of wealth. People with delicate personalities will have improved wealth and good luck in life.

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