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Dream about menstruation

Dreaming about menstruation, the five elements are dominated by water, this dream is a sign that the wealth can be improved, and you can sincerely cooperate with others, and seek financial success from each other. Dreams in winter are auspicious, and dreams in autumn are unlucky.

Dreaming about menstruation indicates that although you will have good luck in your career, those who are in competition with others will have bad luck in wealth. Many people who have recently changed jobs will have troubles and the road ahead will be bumpy. This dream means troubles and troubles.

It is auspicious to go north if you are looking for money outside, and unlucky if you go south. If you have this dream, you can seek wealth with people who belong to the dragon or ox. It means that your career can be improved, and it is often a symbol of good luck. It's a good sign.

Those who are engaged in hotel management, wine service and other related industries dream of menstruation, and their careers can be improved. They can sincerely cooperate with others, invest and manage money together, and have good luck in life.

For those engaged in e-commerce, network services and other related industries, water overcoming fire is a sign of wealth, and the career can be improved. Those who get along harmoniously with others are good at financial management and seek talents for a long time, which is mostly a symbol of good luck. also.

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