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Dreaming about losing teeth and using a comb to solve the problem

Dream about losing teeth and use a comb to solve them. The five elements of teeth are mainly water, and the five elements of comb are mainly wood. Water and wood are in harmony with each other. If you have this dream, if you have troubles recently, you should make a decision after discussing with others, and do not fight with others. Dreaming in spring is auspicious, and dreaming in autumn is unlucky.

Those who seek wealth outside will be lucky if they go east, but unlucky if they go west. If you have this dream and seek wealth with people who belong to the rooster and pig, you will have good luck in each other's lives. If you truly accompany others, you will be lucky. Seeking wealth may bring success.

A single man dreams of losing his teeth indicates that he has had a lot of quarrels with his elders over trivial matters recently. There are troubles at home and he is even more uneasy. Therefore, he should adjust his mentality to deal with this dream.

Old people have this dream, the five elements are dominated by water, and the development of their career will be assisted by others. Seeking wealth may be a sign of good luck. Those with more luck will have better financial luck.

Those who are engaged in management, leadership and other related industries will have this dream because earth and water are for wealth. Those who have entanglements with others due to money matters will have a more uneasy life. Do not fight with others a lot.