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Dream about loose teeth and pull them out by yourself

Dreaming about loose teeth and pulling them out yourself indicates that the five elements belong to water. This dream means good fortune, smooth cooperation with others, and improvement in each other's lives. This is a good sign. Dreams in winter are auspicious, but dreams in autumn are unlucky.

Those who seek wealth abroad will be auspicious if they go north, but unlucky if they go south. If you have this dream and people who are born in the year of Pig or Rat seek wealth together, your career development may be auspicious, and it is the help of noble people.

If there are many villains around you, it will be difficult for you to seek money smoothly, and you will often be taken advantage of by others. Those who have this dream and are engaged in management, planning and other related industries will have even more troubles and feel uneasy.

A married woman dreams of tooth extraction, which means that she is often hindered by others in her career. If she can deal with things calmly, her career can be improved. Those who are self-willed will often be deceived by villains.

Married men have unlucky dreams, as the five elements are dominated by water, there are many villains around them, and the relationship with the opposite sex is complicated.

Those who are engaged in accounting, accounting and other related industries will have this dream of metal and water, which means that food will hurt and make money. They will have good financial luck and may get promotion opportunities in their main career, which is mostly a good omen.