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What does it mean to dream about getting your teeth repaired?

What does it mean to dream about having your teeth repaired? If the five elements in this dream are water, it is a matter of negotiation with others, mutual suspicion, and career development is rare. Dreams in winter are auspicious, and dreams in autumn are unlucky.

A newly married woman dreams of having her teeth repaired is a sign that there are many scoundrels in her career. If she and others are on bad terms with each other, it will be detrimental to each other's career, so she should adjust her mentality to deal with it.

A married man dreams of a dental repairman, which indicates that he has often been villainous in his recent career. He and others will be suspicious of each other over money matters, and both of them will have troubles in their careers.

Those who are engaged in hotel services, wine processing and other related industries, the five elements are dominated by water. If you have this dream and gain the trust of others, you can have improved financial luck. If you have bad relations with others over trivial matters, there will be signs of trouble in each other's lives.

Those who are engaged in maritime trade, overseas transactions and other related industries, the five elements dominate water, and this dream is a sign of good fortune. If you have this dream, if you have important matters to discuss with others recently, people born in the year of Dragon or Ox will be able to help you, which is a good sign.