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Dreaming about getting a haircut and becoming bald

I dreamed that I had a haircut and had a bald head, and the five elements were dominated by wood. This dream was a sign of many troubles in my career. I was suspicious of each other because of money matters with others, and I had a lot of uneasiness in getting along with each other. I was depressed in my heart, and it appeared in my dream. .

Dreaming about getting a haircut means that metal overcomes wood for wealth. Although there are some opportunities for wealth in your dream career, you will struggle with others and it will be difficult to get along with each other smoothly. Those who do not handle human relationships well will often be taken advantage of by others.

For entrepreneurs to have this dream, it means that they will be rich and have a good career. Most business people will be assisted by noble people. Those who are engaged in hardware, electrical appliances, hardware supplies and other related industries will have a better career.

A single woman dreams of being influenced by others, and there are many signs of villains around her. If the person seeking wealth can get along with others sincerely, he will be able to make money by clearly distinguishing right from wrong.

A middle-aged woman dreams about being prejudiced by others in her career. It means that those with many villains around them will find it difficult to improve their fortunes. Those who are officials will find it even more difficult to develop their careers smoothly. This means that they will often encounter ups and downs and setbacks. Fortune is rare.

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