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Dream about hair growing on body

Dreaming about growing hair on your body, which is the main wood of the five elements, indicates that you will have good luck in your relationship. Treating sincerely with others and your relationship with each other can be a sign of good luck. This is a good omen. Dreams in spring are auspicious, and dreams in autumn are auspicious. The dream is unlucky.

Those who are seeking wealth outside will get this dream. Going east is auspicious and going west is unlucky. If you seek wealth together with people born in the year of Rabbit or Sheep, your career will be improved if you are a delicate person. good omen.

Those who are engaged in garden art, civil engineering construction and other related industries, if they dream of having hair on their body, they will be good at negotiating with others in their main career. Seeking money may be a sign of good luck.

Those who are engaged in education, tutoring and other related industries, the five elements are dominated by wood, and this dream means good fortune.

If a single man dreams, it is a sign of unfavorable financial luck. He is entangled with the opposite sex and has many uneasiness in getting along with each other. It is also a sign that it is difficult to improve his financial luck. Those seeking wealth should not act arbitrarily.

If a married man has this dream, he will have a lot of troubles in life, and he will be very uneasy when dealing with others who have a lot of fights in the world. Those who seek money should make decisions after discussing with others. If they have unrealistic ideas, it will be difficult to make money. smoothly.

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