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Dreaming about being bitten by someone else’s dog and getting blood marks on your hands

I dreamed of being bitten by someone else's dog and there were blood marks on my hands. The five elements belong to earth, and dogs represent noble people. The person who gets this dream is a villain. It is a sign of many troubles. Dreams in summer are auspicious, and dreams in autumn are unlucky.

If a person who is looking for money outside dreams of being bitten by someone else's dog and has blood marks on his hand, it will be a bad omen for his career development. Those who work in partnership with others may lose money. It is auspicious to go south and unlucky to go north.

Those who have recently been involved in lawsuits and legal proceedings may have this dream, which means that their careers may be ruined, and they may be taken advantage of by villains, or they may have unfavorable things and lose the lawsuit.

A single man dreams of being bitten by someone else's dog and getting blood marks on his hand. Although he may gain wealth, he will have difficulty in making money if he makes a decision after consulting with others and has a willful personality.

If a middle-aged woman has this dream, if she is quarreling with others, her financial fortune will be difficult for each other, and her career development will be unfavorable. If she has this dream, she must not interact with others. Only by dealing with things harmoniously can she gain wealth.

If the elderly have this dream, their lives will not go smoothly, and there will be many disadvantages in getting along with their children and grandchildren.

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