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What does it mean to dream that you are sick?

What does it mean to dream about being sick? The five elements govern water. If you get this dream, it is a sign of good luck in your career. If you advance and retreat with others in the world, each other's career can be improved. This is a good sign. Dreams in winter are auspicious, but dreams in autumn are unlucky.

If a single woman dreams that she is sick, it is often a sign that she is deceived by others in her career. Although she has long-term plans, she has a lot of fights with others and is often uneasy when getting along with each other. Do not let your emotions out when you have this dream.

If a married woman dreams, there will be many disadvantages in getting along with her lover. If you two have a lot of troubles, life will not go smoothly. If you have this dream, do not vent your emotions on your lover. If you have this dream, and a full-time wife will have this dream, it is a sign of your recent relationship. It is often uneasy to get along with the husband's family, and those who fight with the husband's family over trivial matters will have a more unfavorable life.

Those who are engaged in agriculture, planting and other related industries dream that they are sick, which means that water and wood are in harmony, and there may be signs of improvement in wealth and stable career development.

Those who are engaged in e-commerce, network services and other related industries will have a bad career if they get this dream, and they will have more luck.