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A woman dreamed that her hand was broken and then reattached.

A woman dreamed that her hand was broken and then reattached. The five elements in this dream are wood, which is a sign of good luck in the relationship. She is in love with her beloved, and the two of them are a good match. Spring dreams are auspicious, and autumn dreams are good luck. Ominous.

If a person seeking wealth outside dreams of having his hand broken and reattached, it is auspicious to go east, but unlucky to go west. If you seek wealth with people who are born in the year of Rabbit or Monkey, you will have many opportunities to improve your life, which is mostly a good omen.

A single woman dreams of having her hand reattached after being broken off indicates that she will have many troubles in her life. If she has this dream, her career will be unfavorable and her wealth will be difficult to improve. She will be entangled with others and may feel uneasy when getting along with each other.

A woman who has just lost love may have this dream, which means that the relationship between the two people can still improve.

If a married woman dreams, she will often be deceived by others in her life, and there are many villains around her. If she has troubles in her heart, her life will not go smoothly and her career will not develop smoothly. Full-time wives often have signs of romantic luck, complicated relationships with the opposite sex, and negative signs in relationships.