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A woman dreams of losing her hair

A woman dreams of having a bald patch of hair, and the five elements are wood, which indicates good luck in her relationship. She treats others sincerely, and her relationship with each other has improved. This is a good omen. A dream in spring is auspicious, but a dream in autumn is unlucky. auspicious.

A single woman dreams of having a bald patch of hair, indicating that she will have help from noble people in her relationship, treat each other sincerely with others, and live a happy life. If you treat your loved one sincerely, your relationship will last forever, and the music will sound harmonious.

If a married woman dreams, she will receive more help from the opposite sex in her career, and it will be easy to get money. If she treats others sincerely, her career will be even better. This is a good sign.

The dream of a middle-aged woman is not going well. There are many villains around her, and the relationship with the opposite sex is complicated. Those who seek wealth should not do anything arbitrarily with others. They will often feel uneasy when getting along with each other.

Those who are engaged in education, medical and other related industries, the five elements belong to wood, so if you get this dream, you will have good luck in your relationship.

Those who are engaged in real estate, construction and other related industries will get this dream of wood overcoming earth as a sign of wealth. It usually means help from noble people and harmonious career. Those who seek wealth should treat others sincerely.

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