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Pregnancy dream about miscarriage and leakage of gestational sac

Pregnant dream about miscarriage and discharge of gestational sac, the five elements are water. If you dream about reproductive organs, the five elements represent water. This dream is an unfavorable sign in your career. You will be on bad terms with others, and you will be uneasy when getting along with each other. Winter dreams Auspicious, autumn dream is unlucky.

For those seeking wealth abroad, it is auspicious to go north and unlucky to go south. If you have this dream and people who are born in the year of Pig or Rat seek wealth together, you may get a lot of wealth, which is a good sign.

If a newly pregnant woman has this dream, the fetus will not develop well. Recently, she often fights with her family due to troubles. She is often uneasy when getting along with her, and is depressed in her heart. This comes from her dream.

Single women dream about it. Water dominates the five elements, which means a good career. There are many people with harmonious personalities, and they may have good luck in seeking talents.

Those who are engaged in equipment research and development, technical research and other related industries, the five elements are dominated by water. If you have this dream, your career will be trusted by others, and your pursuit of wealth will be a sign of good luck.

Those who are engaged in education, medical and other related industries, if water and wood are in harmony, it means food will hurt and make money, and they can have a good career.

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