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I dreamed that my face was so white

I dreamed that my face was very white, and the five elements belong to gold. If I dreamed that my career would be stable, this is a sign that metal overcomes wood, and wealth is quite abundant. This is a good sign. Autumn dreams are auspicious, but spring dreams are unlucky.

It is auspicious for those seeking wealth outside to go west, but unlucky to go east. If you seek wealth with people who belong to the Horse or Pig, your career will be even better.

This dream is unfavorable for entrepreneurs. It is a sign of good cooperation with others and improvement in their career. This is a good sign.

If a newly married woman has this dream, she will get along well with others in her career, but she will have collusion with the opposite sex and her life will be uneasy.

It is unfavorable for students to have this dream. There have been many problems in their studies recently and their performance has been abnormal.

For those who are engaged in clothing, cosmetics and other related industries, metal subdues wood for wealth, which means rich wealth.

Those who are engaged in technology, scientific research and other related industries will have Venus and Water, and they will get along well with others in their career, which means they will have good fortune

For those engaged in health care products, health services and other related industries, metal and wood are signs of wealth. People who gain the trust of others will have signs of success in their careers.

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