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Dreaming about growing extra teeth

Dreaming of extra teeth, the five elements of which are dominated by water, indicates that the dreamer may be jealous in his career, or may have intrigues with others, which may cause frustration in the heart and come from dreams. Dreams in winter are auspicious. Autumn dreams are unlucky.

It is auspicious to go north if you are looking for money abroad, and unlucky if you go south. Those who are on business trips will have difficulty in success in their careers. If a person has a fight with his family and gets this dream, it means that there are many quarrels at home and it will be difficult to get along with him. .

Although those who are engaged in transportation, logistics and other related industries have intangible wealth, they are under great pressure and have a lot of fights with others. They often feel uneasy getting along with each other.

For those who are engaged in education, medical and other related industries, water and wood are in harmony, which means that food hurts and brings wealth. Those who work carefully can gain the trust of others, which is good luck for a stable career.

A single woman’s dream is not going well, and her relationship with the opposite sex is complicated, and her emotions are often affected. The five elements govern water, which means ambiguity. If she has an affair with the opposite sex, her life will be uneasy. If she should break it off, she will continue to suffer from it. chaos.

The middle-aged man's dream is not going well. The red flag at home does not fall down, and the colorful flags flutter outside. The more negative the mood becomes.

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