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I dreamed about losing my teeth while sleeping.

Dreaming about teeth falling out while sleeping indicates that water is the dominant element in the five elements, worries about career, entanglements and struggles with others, and unfavorable career. Dreams in winter are auspicious and dreams in autumn are unlucky.

I dreamed of losing my teeth when I was out seeking money. Going north is auspicious, but going south is unlucky. If you seek financial help with people who belong to the dragon or ox, be careful, and you can get wealth by doing things carefully. Do not Be suspicious of others over money.

A single man dreams about losing his teeth while sleeping, which is a sign of a good career. Only by gaining the trust of others can he be better. Do not make enemies with others over money matters, as this will bring bad fortune.

A middle-aged man’s dream is not going well. If he dreams of losing his teeth, he may be deceived by others in his career, or there may be signs of financial disadvantages. People may have trouble with investment-related matters. If you have this dream, you should distinguish right from wrong before you can have success. Opportunities to make money.

Old people dream of losing their teeth while sleeping, which may affect their lives. Those who are uneasy with their families may have difficulties in their careers, or may lose money.

Students who have this dream will perform well academically, and those who are engaged in science will be even better.