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Dream about being terminally ill

I dreamed that I was terminally ill, and water dominates the five elements. If you have this dream, and you have money entanglements with others, you will have uneasiness in getting along with others, and it is a sign that your career will be difficult to improve. Dreams in winter are auspicious, and dreams in autumn are unlucky.

If a person who is seeking money outside dreams that he is terminally ill, it is auspicious to go north and unlucky to go south. People who are doing business and people who belong to the year of rat and people who belong to dragon will seek wealth together, and each other's business will have opportunities to improve. This is a good sign. If you fight with others over trivial matters, both of you will lose money.

Those who are engaged in film, television, media and other related industries will have this dream, which is a sign of fame and fortune. They are looking for more money or the trust of others, and they will be rich in wealth.

Those who are engaged in urban management, planning and other related industries will not go well. The five elements in this dream are water, and the industry is earth. Earth controls water, but those who are greedy for money will seek a job in their position.

Middle-aged women may have unfavorable dreams, be greedy in their careers, and often have close contact with the opposite sex. These are signs of unfavorable financial conditions, and they may be deceived by others.

If a married man dreams, it indicates that he will have a lot of luck and his career will not go smoothly.

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