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Dream about broken teeth

Dreaming about broken teeth, the five elements govern water. If you get this dream, you often meet villains in your career, have entanglements with others, and it is difficult to improve each other's wealth. Dreams in winter are auspicious, and dreams in autumn are unlucky. auspicious.

If a person who is seeking money outside dreams of having a broken tooth, it is auspicious to go north and unlucky to go south. If you seek wealth together with a person born in the year of dragon or rat, you will gain the trust of others in each other's career, or you may have each other. If you have a sincere friendship with each other, your career will be improved.

A single man's dream will not go well, and the opposite-sex relationship will be complicated. If you have conflicts with others over money matters, both parties will suffer. When you have this dream, you must not have any self-assertion.

Married men have unlucky dreams, which means they have a lot of luck. When cooperating with others, they should do things calmly and avoid any intrigues, otherwise it will be difficult to improve their wealth.

Old people dream about it, and there are many signs of changes in the family. Those who have quarrels with their children and grandchildren will be uneasy when getting along.

Those who are engaged in equipment research and development, technical research and other related industries will have this dream where the five elements govern water. Their main career can gain the trust of others, and both parties will have good luck in their careers. This is a good sign.

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